Spring Conferences:

Greetings Families!

Please sign up now for conferences! 

If you have more than one student and want to secure conferences close together, sign up as soon as you can. If you have flexibility in your schedule, please leave the evening conferences for families that cannot make it during the workday.

Conference times are:
Thursday, April 11th noon-8pm
Friday, April 12th 8am-4pm 

Students in grades 5-12 are with the student and parent(s)/guardian, the student's advisor or classroom guide

Students in grades 1-4 are with parent(s)/guardian and the teacher only.

7th-9th grade Special Education students should sign up with their Special Ed Case Manager (Sarah Lawrence-Lupton, Brooke Derrickson, or Danny Ross). Their advisor will join the meeting as well.

11th and 12th grade students are welcome to schedule a separate meeting with Teresa Hichens-Olson to discuss college planning.

If you do not know your student’s advisor contact office@greatriverschool.org.

Multiple Households/Families - if your child splits time between two households and both parents want/need to attend the conference, please schedule it together. If this is not possible, exceptions may be made if time slots are available. For an exception, email the program director at your level.

Jean Peters - Elementary Program Director

Tami Limberg - Lower Adolescent Program Director (includes 6th Bridge, and 7th-9th grade)

Andrea Christensen - Upper Adolescent Program Director (10th-12th grade)

If you have specific concerns that you want to discuss with a guide who is not your student's advisor, please contact them directly to discuss via phone or email, or set up a meeting before or after conference days. All guides will be able to talk with you about students' overall academic standing. Guides will be booked all day on both days in conferences with their own advisees. Check our Staff Directory for Office Hours.