Bike to School Day is this Wednesday

Everett Thomas models rain preparedness on a bike

Everett Thomas models rain preparedness on a bike

Join a group at a meet up spot! Come for the parent coffee social!

The Great River School community is encouraged to bike to school this Wednesday, May 15. Here’s how:

1) Pick your meet-up spot.

2) Contact the group leader for your preferred meet up spot. Let them know that you plan to ride with them so you know the departure time and can get updates in the event of changes.

3) Check your bike tire pressure, brakes, and chain so you are ready to ride.

4) Helmets required.

5) Enjoy a parent coffee social at school.

Parents can support all riders by joining a group ride, especially if your student is a novice rider or needs extra attention. Families must arrange after-school pick up.

Use this link for meet up spots and Ride Leader contact information:

Parents should plan to grab a cup of coffee from the Heron's Nest so we can show our students how to build community. We hope to see you Wednesday. 

If you have specific questions or can help greet bikers, contact Susan ( or 651-775-7166) or Karen ( or 651-334-0793)