iRace Happening on March 27th!

written by iRace planning CAS students

iRace is coming up on March 27th. iRace is in its 8th year and was first created by students of color in 2010. iRace started as a student led event and is still a student led event. iRace was created to allow students of color to be able to have a safe space to discuss institutional oppression.

Our Mission:
We, a collective of students, want to make Great River a better place. iRace is a student-led event with the goal of centering voices of the global majority.

This year the selected theme is “Raising Awareness.” The more specific focuses are on intersectionality, BIPOC student experience, and confronting racism at Great River. iRace will be happening all day (8:30am-3:10pm). Students will pick four workshops of their choice to attend for 45 minutes each. All grade levels will participate and we will be having a potluck and we’re asking families to send potluck dishes with their students.

Look for more details and announcements as we get closer to the date!