High School Information Night

Dear Families of 8th Year Students,

High School at Great River is an award winning program that seeks to emphasize responsibility and independence within the structure of an academically supportive, innovative, challenging, and inclusive environment. As you consider how your 8th year student is prepared for high school, know that we have engaged your adolescent in skills that are applicable to any environment, and especially that we see students do well at Great River in 9th-12th grade.

You are invited to an information night on April 23rd! We will describe the details of our Adolescent program, our 9th year focus for 2019-20, and the ways students can expect to learn and be in community. We will also touch on how your family can best anticipate and prepare for our adolescent program in 9th year.

Our adolescent information night for 9th year programming will begin at 5:45pm at Great River School.

Items we will cover:

  • Goals of the adolescent program

  • Specific focus of the 9th year adolescent program

  • What to expect for academics

  • Preparing for the year

  • Ways to partner families and school in the Adolescent program

Typically, the school internally arranges partial day, structured experiences and visits for current 8th year students to visit the 9th year program. If your family wants to arrange for a different type of experience that involves a full day, please email enroll@greatriverschool.org  

In anticipation of the information night, please complete this short survey about what you’d like to learn about 9th year programming: http://bit.do/parentSurvey

Please send any other questions you have regarding the information night to office@greatriverschool.org.

We look forward to seeing you there on April 23rd!

Sam O’Brien
Head of School