May & June Menus Available in EZLunch

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Make sure your student(s) gets a chance to try our great school lunches before the end of the year! The herb roasted chicken and mashed potatoes are a hit.


We ask that parents pre-order all meals for their student(s). It is important for us to have accurate numbers for ordering ingredients, and to minimize waste. Orders are due by the Wednesday before the following week. For example, on April 24th, orders for April 29th - May 3rd are due.


Meal pricing is as follows:
Box breakfasts are $2.10.Hot lunch entrees are $5.
Regular, vegetarian, and vegan sandwiches are $5.
Gluten-free sandwiches are $6.
Side salads are $2.

Did you know?

Students can still receive school lunch, even if their account balance is zero or negative. We won’t turn away hungry kids! Students will be billed in EZ Lunch, and we ask that parents are prompt in paying any charges in EZ Lunch. For more information about how to use EZ Lunch, see below.

Paper Menus

If it is easier for your family to order on paper instead of in EZ Lunch, there are paper copies of the menu available at the Front Desk and in the Café. Please fill out one form for each student in your family.


If you have any questions about the lunch program, please feel free to email

More Information about Using EZ Lunch

Here is a 5-minute video tutorial for how to use EZ Lunch.

If you prefer to read, more tutorials for EZ Lunch can be found here:

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