Outdoor Space Parent Working Group

Are you interested in developing our playground/ outdoor space at GRS? Please join other passionate folks in design and implementation! I'm Hadley Musselman, mom of Wiley Sparks in Minnehaha Creek Classroom and an Educational Assistant to GRS, and this is something of a passion project for me.

We're in the preliminary stages of improving our outdoor space and need your input and help. I'd love to see more large motor opportunities (climbing, sliding, balancing, swinging, etc) and a beautiful garden on the elementary side that will grow food for our lovely new kitchen. As a recess supervisor I'm out there everyday. Many of our kids are asking for a "real" playground with their words or through rough physical (albit imaginative!) play, and relational/peer aggression. With an enriched outdoor/ recess environment, I know that our kids will have a much improved educational experience as a whole and a more positive relationship with the outdoors and each other. A necessary win-win-win in my book.

So let's get creative and dirty! With your help, we can save thousands of dollars in labor once it's time to install the new elements. 

Add your e-mail address, thoughts, ideas and inspirational pictures/ links in this document! We'll start meeting in May for design finalization and implementation planning.