Here Comes the Sun: Sunscreen at Great River School

As we enter the summer/sun-intense season, Great River School would like to notify parents of some sun safety measures and how to keep your children “Sun Safe”.

Great River School is aware of how damaging UV rays from the sun can be to your child’s skin.  Between May 1 - September 30th, please encourage the application/reapplication of sunscreen under the following circumstances:

  • Your student is participating in a field/swim trip that takes place outdoors

  • The outdoor activity lasts longer than 4 hours and/or takes place during the peak hours of 10am-2pm

It is the parents’ responsibility to apply sunscreen to their child before the beginning of the school day when an outdoor excursion is planned. Please send in sunscreen (labeled with your child’s name) in your student’s bag each day. GRS views sunscreen as a preventative, not a medicine, and allows sunscreen to be carried without any medication forms.  Sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 or higher is also available in the Health Office.  

In the event that student is showing reddened skin or sensitivity and sunscreen was NOT provided from home, sunscreen will be provided and encouraged. If your child has a sensitivity/allergies to certain sunscreens, please be sure to send your own sunscreen or send the health office an opt out request by emailing

We expect and encourage children to apply/reapply their own sunscreen.  When necessary, a guide or school staff member may assist any child that may be unable to personally apply his/her own sunscreen. When a child needs such assistance, the counselor will apply sunscreen on only the exposed parts of the child’s skin.

Please be aware that sunscreens are not 100% effective. As such, Great River School will encourage sun safety but is not responsible for any sunburn experienced.  Please note that we also recommend taking breaks in the shade, combining sunscreen with other sun protection measures such as long sleeved, light shirts, wide-brimmed hats or shades and sunglasses to avoid burns and skin damage.  

Thank you for your partnership in protecting GRS students from damaging UV rays!  

Natalie Yaeger
Student Health Coordinator