Lower Adolescent Spring Dance

Attention 7/ 8 Parents and Students!

This Friday, May 10th, 7/8 will be having a Spring- themed dance! It is from 5:30-8pm and will be in the Gym.

The fee is $5 this time since it has been brought to Leadership’s attention that people do not want to buy snacks and rather have them free. Snacks will be available and the only dress code rule is that your child does not wear any provocative pieces of clothing that either has curse words, nudity, etc.

All students must be picked up by 8:15. This is to ensure that all student and chaperones arrive home safely and at a decent time. The DJs are Izzie and Tsiory and the band is still TBD but we will inform you once decided.

Also, we are looking for food donations for the dance and if you are interested in helping buy and donate food such as soda, chips, cupcakes, cookies, etc. or if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at jle@greatriverschool.org

*please note* the dance is allowing kids from outside from GRS but we are limiting it to people in 7th or 8th grade and only one person per guest.

A1 Leadership