School Food & Nutrition Programs

Our Mission: “Great River School, an urban Montessori learning environment, prepares students for their unique roles as responsible and engaged citizens of the world.”  

This is as true in the lunchroom as in any other part of the school.  We believe that food is a connector. It reminds us of the people and places behind the production of our food who so carefully nurture the land from which it comes.  Food brings people together and nourishes bodies while also building community. Understanding the important role that food plays in sustaining us, our friends and families, the land and ultimately the world, empowers all of us to be more healthy, caring and engaged participants in our local and global community.

Our program aspires to be completely ‘sustainable’ which we define as:

  • Utilizing entirely sustainably raised and produced ingredients

  • Preparing all foods from scratch  

  • Offering a diversity of plant-forward whole-food-based meals  

  • Choosing chemical and pesticide free ingredients

To read more about pricing, ordering, and how to qualify for free or reduced-price meals, click here. 

To read more about nutrition education at Great River and how you can get involved with our Wellness groups, click here

Forgotten Lunch Protocol

If a student forgets a lunch and needs the school to provide them one, they can ask the Nutrition Team member at the point of sale. Families will be charged for forgotten lunches in EZ Lunch. Supplies for extra lunches may be limited, and will most likely include some kind of sandwich and fruit or vegetable.

Questions about the forgotten lunch protocol can be directed to