School Food & Nutrition Programs

Great River School is committed to providing nutritious and appealing food in a positive environment in line with our mission. Our top three priorities are to have good quality food, serve healthy food, and offer a variety of choices. For more information on the school nutrition program, contact us at 

With our kitchen still under construction, our fall menus will include cold box lunches and breakfasts of regular, vegetarian, and gluten-free (GF) foods, ala carte items, and some introductory coffee shop beverages and foods. Snacks in Elementary classrooms and after school programs will also be available, as well as To-Go field trip lunches.

To read more about pricing, ordering, and how to qualify for free or reduced-price meals, click here. 

To read more about nutrition education at Great River and how you can get involved with our Wellness groups, click here

Forgotten Lunch Protocol

If a student forgets a lunch and needs the school to provide them one, they can ask the Nutrition Team member at the point of sale. Families will be charged for forgotten lunches in EZ Lunch. Supplies for extra lunches may be limited, and will most likely include some kind of sandwich and fruit or vegetable.

Questions about the forgotten lunch protocol can be directed to


Big changes that will include fresh, scratch-cooked hot lunch and breakfast foods, a healthy salad and fruit bar, sandwich station choices, and specialty cafe foods and beverages. Our finished Erdkinder Kitchen, Peace Dining Hall, and Heron’s Nest Cafe with our new school chef and production staff will be preparing all our foods, meals, and beverages.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!