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All lunches offered, including gluten-free and dairy-free lunches and vegetarian options, meet National School Lunch Program requirements. 


How to  Order Lunch


  1. Print out the monthly menu or obtain a copy from the Front Office. Menus are available through the links at the top of this page. Pre-printed copies are available at the Front Office.
  2. Write your student's name on the menu.
  3. Circle each day for which your student requires a lunch, specifying the vegetarian option if appropriate. There is no minimum number of days for which lunch can be ordered. 
  4. Attach payment if appropriate. Prices are $4 per meal from the Regular menu and $5 per meal from the Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free menu. Checks should be made out to Great River School. Families using Free and Reduced Lunch should submit an order as described above but do not need to pay. (You can apply for the Free and Reduced Lunch program by filling out this form and returning it to the Front Office. Pre-printed copies of the form are available from the Front Office.)
  5. Turn in the menu and payment to the Front Office by the monthly deadline.


Students who bring a bagged lunch from home may order milk to supplement their meals. For students not eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch, the cost of milk is 40 cents per carton. To order milk without purchasing a meal, please submit a note with the student's name, along with payment if appropriate, to the Front Office by the order deadline.


If you have any questions, please Email