New School Food & Nutrition Programs

Great River School is committed to providing nutritious and appealing food in a positive environment in line with our mission. Our top three priorities for all students are:

  1. Have Good Quality Food
  2. Serve Healthy Food, and
  3. Offer a Variety of Choices.

And we are on our way to success with the following activities taking place ---


As part of Great River School’s new School Food & Nutrition Programs, we have started two new Wellness Work Groups --- a Parent/Staff group and a Student group. Click on Parent/Staff Wellness Work Group or Student Wellness Work Group to see the running notes from our meetings held every three weeks.

Again, stay tuned for much more information coming soon. In addition, please let us know your input, thoughts, and ideas anytime --- Click here to take the parent survey regarding school nutrition programming and/or send an email to Mary Hunn at nutrition@greatriverschool.org .

New Construction

The new areas will include a commercial kitchen with instructional space for students, a coffee shop with a seating area, and a dining hall that is a part of the gymnasium and auditorium. We will have three serving areas; two in the dining hall and one in the coffee shop. In addition, there will be new kitchenettes in each of the elementary classrooms that will provide learning environments.


The dining hall and coffee shop will be open before and after school for all students for breakfast and snacks; and the coffee shop will also be open all day. We invite parents and family members, as well as community members, to come eat, drink, and enjoy!

Middle and high school students will have access to the dining hall for lunch. Elementary student lunches and snacks will be sent from the commercial kitchen to each classroom; and lunch and snacks will be set up, served, and cleaned up in the classrooms.

We plan to complete the initial construction of  the kitchen, dining hall, and classroom kitchenettes by the first day of school, as well as our simple coffee shop to start the year. There will be future work to add the instructional space for students and the final design and layout of the coffee shop with students engaging in the operations.  


Fresh, healthy, scratch-cooked food is on the way! We will have a variety of breakfasts, lunches, snacks, ala carte items, and coffee shop foods and beverages. Our school breakfast price will be $2.10 and our school lunch price is still being determined, as well as other prices. Both hot and cold food options, a salad and fruit bar, vegetarian choices, gluten free foods, and other special diet options are all in the works. Stay tuned for the planned menus coming soon!

Meal Accounts

A school food online ordering system will be set up and all students will have PIN numbers to enter into the cashier service areas. Elementary guides will use a manual process to check off the served food in their classrooms. Orders will be taken in advance for elementary students; and middle and high school students will be encouraged to make orders in advance for planning purposes.