Colleges and Careers

The majority of Great River graduates enroll in post-secondary education.  Historically, around 65% of graduates immediately attend a 4-year university, 20% attend a 2-year community or technical college and 15% pursue alternatives including work, travel, service, deferred enrollment or a combination.  Great River School seeks to ensure that all students have the information and skills to successfully transition from high school to post secondary options. As the College Counselor, Matt McElrath works with students in 9-12th grades to begin shaping their post graduation plans.  During the course of the school year, all students should expect to meet with Matt at least once and many juniors and seniors establish numerous or ongoing visits.  Each year, meeting generally address the following preparatory issues:

9th Grade

  • Course Registration
  • EXPLORE Results
  • Interest Inventory

10th Grade

  • IB Coursework
  • PLAN Results
  • Career Options and Goals
  • Summer Activities

11th Grade

  • PSAT Results
  • ACT and SAT planning
  • Beginning the College or Career Search
  • Obtaining Letters of Recommendation
  • Writing Essays
  • Starting College Visits

12th Grade

  • Finalizing college choices and visits
  • Preparing and submitting applications
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Gap year planning or Deferment (as appropriate)
  • Acceptance decisions
  • Wait-List Strategies

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