Adolescent Drop-Off Norms

(click here for an instructional video on arrival & departure norms)


First of all, thank you all for making the start of our 2018-19 school year a success by driving safely and courteously! After a full month of observing the arrival process each morning, there are some guidelines that will benefit the entire school when dropping off! There are few refinements to the process that we must implement due to the increased number of vehicles we have this year.

  • Please pull all the way down the sidewalk as far as you can go before releasing your student. Using the entirety of our sidewalk is the only way to get everyone to class on time.

    • Doing so ensures that the maximum number of students get released at once.

    • Yes, this means your student may have to walk BACK towards their entrance on some days, but other days they won't depending on your place in line.

    • If large gaps in the line form, I will be out there directing vehicles to fill the gap.

  • Please ensure that your student is ready to get out of the vehicle in a timely fashion. If you must stop temporarily, please put on your flashing hazard lights.

  • PLEASE do not make U-turns or pull through neighboring business lots when exiting. Continue down Energy Lane heading west and exit onto Energy Park Drive.

  •  Dropping off students may only happen on the school side of Energy Lane, nor should they be released in the middle of the road while stopping temporarily.

As always, thank you for your cooperation and patience! This entire process works because YOU make it so!

May all your lights be green and your roads be open!
Derek (The Traffic Guy)