Messages to Students During Day

Greetings Adolescent Families:

As we have settled into the year, we have seen a significant increase in the number of messages to students from parents during the school day.  Our current system for messages is very labor-intensive for staff and is taking a significant amount of time away supporting student learning.

In order to ensure we are spending our time supporting student learning - rather than couriering messages - we will be enforcing new procedures and need help from you - parents - to help us with this transition.

  • We will no longer run messages to students about early pick-up or reminders for appointments during the school day. The only exception will be in the case of an emergency (death, injury, etc.).

  • Appointments (Doctor, Orthodontist/Dentist, Therapy) should be scheduled outside of school hours as much as possible. If an adolescent student needs to leave early for an appointment:

    • Parents should send them with a signed note in the morning.

    • Student should come to front desk before 8:30am to give the note to Holly.  Holly will give them a green pass with their departure time.

    • It will be up to the student to watch the time through the day and be at the front desk by the time the parent arrives.

  • Forgetful student? If your student forgets their home, lunch, or other necessary item at home and you are kind enough to bring it in, we have a bin outside the front office.  You may put your student’s name on the item using a post-it and leave it in the bin. We will not deliver items to students during the school day - it will be up to the student to come check the bin if they are missing something.

Thank you for your cooperation with us as we try to ensure that our time is spent supporting student learning.

Thank you,
Great River Office Team