Coffeehouse Call for Concessions


Coffee House has been an annual tradition for the entire length of Great River's history as an event we inherited from Lake Country! We offer two per year as a chance for students to play music in a coffeehouse-like atmosphere, complete with beverages and an audience. Any student can sign up for open mic slots and all GRS families and friends are invited to attend. This year, the 7th & 8th-grade Musicianship occupation is hosting and asking for a $2-5 donation at the door to raise money for a new guitar amplifier. 


Since our kitchen is not up and running yet, our Food and Nutrition occupation won’t be able to provide the baked goods for concessions. If you love to bake, here is an opportunity to work your magic and help the music department raise money! Baked goods, gluten-free options, dairy-free options, and bottles of juices or seltzers are all great options. Please only bring treats that are nut-free and prepare an ingredient card to go with the item. 

Please email Zack ( to let him know what concessions are coming or with any questions!