Great River Annual Fund Announcement

Great River School is kicking off the annual fund campaign this year - read below (or text “goats” to 71777 to find out how you can support the school).  

Adolescent students deserve a world full of dignity and respect for all. The interdependence and relationship building we invest in our programming through trips, social programming, and advisory build a learning environment where students can build a growth-mindset to their academics, and achieve at high levels. Our high school program is lauded for high student achievement as a result of the courage, persistence, and hard work of students. These students role model for each other what a community of respect and interdependence can look like. Students take these lessons into the future.

Here’s what some Upper Adolescent parents have said about their student’s key experiences this year:

“Our student LOVED the experience.  She said, "I want to take you guys to so many cool places that are so nearby."  I think the intentions of the Key Experience were not only met, they were exceeded.  Great work!!!!”

“Our child has been changed into a young adult by the Key Experiences. Returning each year from the trips we see what a wonderful plan is alive in the trips, and in the minds of the adults dedicating their lives to our teenagers. Truly the experiences have been key to our students entering adulthood.”

Great River is able to offer pioneering public Montessori programming, such as experiential key experience trips, through the donations of community members. As we unveil our annual fund thermometer for the year, we’re asking every GRS family to make a contribution to ensure our programming can continue for years to come.

Students & families are able to create their own fundraisers, shareable with your networks, to support & help fund GRS’s dynamic programming.

Thank you! We are so grateful to be in community with you.