St Paul NAACP Event - Community Conversation

Great River School Board encourages all Great River families to consider attending this event hosted by the St Paul chapter of the NAACP: 

Title: Community Conversation Building Safe Communities - Combating Colonized Minds
Location: Eastside Freedom Library, 1105 Greenbrier Street, St. Paul, MN 55106
Time:  6:30-8pm

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Black Men’s Early Childhood Project - Bringing individual and collective leadership and presence to the fiscal, social and policy discourse and decision making about the impact of early childhood education and development for African American families and the broader community.

NAACP Economic Development Committee - To Build a Movement for Economic Justice. Building a stable community economy by creating a network of knowledgeable activists in the interworking’s of America economic system, (the economic industrial complex), for the sustainability of community economic development.

March Menu

The March menu is live on our website and EZLunch. Due to changes with the school calendar, we are extending the pre-order deadline for February 27th through March 1st to Monday, February 25th at 8am. Also note that March 1st is a half day, and we will only have sandwiches "to-go" available.

If it is easier for your family to order on paper instead of in EZ Lunch, there are paper copies of the menu available at the Front Desk and in the Café. Please fill out one form for each student in your family.

Forgotten Lunch Protocol

If a student forgets a lunch and needs the school to provide them one, they can ask the Nutrition Team member at the point of sale. Families will be charged for forgotten lunches in EZ Lunch. Supplies for extra lunches may be limited, and will most likely include some kind of sandwich and fruit or vegetable.

If you have any questions about the lunch program, please feel free to email

More information about using EZ Lunch below:

EZ Lunch is the system Great River uses for pre-ordering and purchasing school meals.

Here’s an easy 5-min video  tutorial for you to see how to use our system!

If you prefer to read, more walkthroughs for EZ School Lunch can be found here:

How To Set Up Your EZ School Lunch Account

How to Add Another Student to a Parent Account

How to Pre-Order Meals and Add Money

How to Add a Credit Card

How to See Transaction History

Curbside Wine Donation Pick Up!


The Blue Heron Bash School Fundraiser needs your help!  

Volunteers will be curbside at drop off on Energy Lane on Monday morning to collect bottles of wine to be used in the wine pull at the event.  Our goal is to get 100 bottles.  This service will be offered a couple more times before the event on March 23.  

If you are unable to drop off at this time you can always make your donation to Holly at the front desk.  Thanks for your support & we hope to see you at the Bash!

Great River School Archery

For: Students grades 4-12 of any ability level

Practice: Mondays March 4-April 29 

  • Grades 4-6 will practice from 4-5 pm and work on building skills

  • Grades 7-12 will practice from 5-6 pm and work on building skills with the option of team competition

Before practice students in grades 4-6 may join Big Canoe for supervised play time; students grades 7 and up may quietly work on homework in the central block of the school..

Coaches: Seth Wait and Mike Rauch, assisted by Sam O'Brien

Cost: $125 (includes T-shirt; scholarships are available; please Email for more information)

Sign up: please fill out this form.

Nonviolent Communication Group for Parents

Does it feel like a struggle communicating with your teen or preteen (or anyone actually)?

Would you enjoy some evenings with other parents, exploring together how "nonviolent communication" might help your quest for stability, trust, and compassion in your family?

Nonviolent Communication is translating and transforming criticism, anger, and fear, into compassion, patience, and acceptance, for ourselves, and for others.

Come learn and practice with us!

We'll meet at Great River School 7pm Thursdays starting in March.  During all four Thursdays in March, Pam Winthrop Lauer will give us an overview of Nonviolent Communication, with ample time for practice exercises.  Starting in April, we’ll meet on the second & fourth Thursday and Greg Mott will facilitate. Activities will include viewing NVC videos, making time for sharing our experiences, practicing exercises, role plays, and supporting each other.

Highly recommended:  Marshall Rosenberg's books on Nonviolent Communication.  Here's just a couple other quick resources:
Pathways to Liberation Self-Assessment : Matrix
The Heart of Parenting: Nonviolent Communication in Action

Pam's flyer is attached.  For further information email

School Nutrition Volunteers Needed

As our school nutrition program rolls out, we’re finding ourselves in need of parent volunteers to support us as we grow! We’re asking parent volunteers to commit to a weekly shift through the end of the year and are offering different scheduled shifts to work with all schedules. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the GRS community!

Current Volunteer Needs:

  • Elementary Meal Maestro

    Help organize the elementary meal carts and deliver meals to classrooms daily. Tasks would include - sanitizing bins and bags, portioning utensils and dishware, assembling sandwich orders, loading up carts, and delivering to classrooms.

  • Dish Director

    Help dishwashing the trays, silverware, plates, and kitchen equipment used for school lunches.

  • Point of Sale Powerhouse

    Help get students through the lunch line. Tasks would include utilizing our POS system EZSchool to enter in student information as they receive lunch.

  • Waste Management Wizard

    At the end of lunch periods help students, parents, faculty, staff, and visitors put waste in the appropriate receptacle and inform them about what can be recycled, composted, or what needs to be sent to the landfill. Help with other tasks in between.

  • End of Day Zero-Waste Wizard Spend time outside near the dumpsters for recycling, compost, and landfill near the north main entrance on Energy Park Drive. Your job is to help GRS staff supervise and divert items to appropriate waste stream containers based on whether it’s recycling, compost, or landfill.

Click here to sign up for kitchen shifts and here to volunteer to help our zero-waste initiative!

Email any questions to

Register for the First Ever Male Spring Volleyball Team


Great River School will host the first-ever TCA/GR Tigers Boy's Volleyball team March 13th-Early May. Practices will be held Wednesdays and Thursdays 4:00-5:30/6pm at GRS. Competitions will be held at Twin Cities Academy. Now in its 2nd season state-wide, boy's volleyball is growing fast (StarTrib article here) with over 50 schools competing! Since the sport is new to Minnesota, everyone is a beginner and everyone is welcome! Read more and sign-up here. Registration deadline Wednesday, March 6th.

Help our school with matching donations from your employer!

Does Your Employer Offer Matching Donations?

Many employers will match any charitable donations you make dollar for dollar. This is great for us and great for you, and your employer gets a write-off too!  Will you take two minutes to find out if you could double your donations to Great River School Foundation?

1. If you know your employer matches charitable donations, fill out their matching form and submit to HR.  You will likely need to update with an end of year total for a final match, but it’s good to start the process early

2. If you aren't sure if your employer matches donations, see sample email below that you can cut and paste into an email to your company HR department.

Thank you for taking the time to help our school!

Great River School Foundation


Sample email to your HR Department:

Hello {HR PERSON}-

I am wondering if we offer matching charitable contributions for employees? If yes, I would like to find out how to put that into effect for 2019 for a matching donation to my child's non-profit public school: Great River School Foundation, a 501c3. Is there a matching form I can fill out? If not, perhaps we can consider this for future years as I've heard many companies match donations.

Thank you!

{Your name}

Great River School (GRS) Foundation is a 501c3 created to support the long-term financial needs of Great River School’s mission: to prepare students for their unique roles as responsible and engaged citizens of the world. By building relationships with individuals, corporations and foundations, the GRS Foundation creates enduring support for students, faculty and the school’s urban Montessori learning environment. The Capital Campaign is a current focus for the GRS Foundation, with a goal of raising $250,000 by March 2020 to enhance our learning environment.      

GRS Blood Drive

GRS National Honor Society is hosting a blood drive on March 5th! The Blood Bus will be coming to our school at 8:30 and will collect blood from our students and families until 2:30. Are you interested in donating? Parents are welcome to sign up, though we will limit the amount of slots that parents can take up! If you’re an interested parent, please email There are many requirements for donating so we anticipate that we will need to fill slots that students aren’t able to fill. Please email Avery Reyes Beattie to express interest! NHS will contact parents that are interested, to start the process of registering.


GRS Closed February 8th

In line with SPPS, Great River will be closed tomorrow, February 8th, due to dangerous windchills and poor road conditions. We expect tomorrow's Jterm performance to continue, as the roads will be clear and the wind speed slower by the evening. Stay tuned over the next 48 hours to changes to the school calendar in order to make sure we meet state requirements for instructional days this year!