Why GRS?

Imagine a school where students are excited about and inspired to learn.  A school where students become experienced and effective communicators across disciplines in a variety of situations.  A school where students ask tough questions and find the answers with guidance from their peers and teachers.  Imagine a school where students learn about the interdependence of the social and natural world through study of ecology, humanity and history.  A  school where students learn the ways of society, both local and global, through occupations, micro-economics and entrepreneurial opportunities.  Imagine a school where students develop ethical integrity based on experience, knowledge and reflection and express their humanity through creative means. Imagine a school where a student can graduate with an International Baccalaureate Diploma if they choose or take up to 6 IB exams for a certificate in a particular subject area, enter college or another post secondary institution and be successful!

Great River School is place to learn to take risks, experience the world and develop a personal identity including leadership skills with a vision and purpose of one’s role in society.  It is a place to develop enthusiasm and energy for adventure learning and maintaining physical well-being.  It is a place to make friends for life.  We hope you will experience Great River School.

What do parents or guardians say about GRS?

“GRS provides a place where both my kids are individually acknowledged and accepted for who they are.   They know they matter and are a part of the school and are not lost in the crowd in any way.”

“A few reasons why GRS is good for our kids:

  • The focus on community and strong relationships among students and staff make it feel like an exceptionally safe, positive setting.
  • GRS shares our values of healthy community, mutual respect, high expectations with the necessary individualized support required to attain them.
  • Our kids’ have shown increased confidence and independence since attending GRS.
  • Great river offers our kids hand-on learning opportunities and understands that real learning can’t be contained to a classroom.   Rather than just learning from a book, our kids truly engage with the topics that they study and come to understand them deeply.
  • Great River respects, understands and embraces the development of all students and constructs an educational experience that allows young people to develop intellectually, morally, physically and spiritually.”
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