Upper Elementary Work Share

By: Willa Henkemeyer (Crow Wing, 4th) and Beena Reiter (Crow Wing, 5th)    

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May 2019- All of the lower and the upper elementary classrooms did a workshare in the second half of May.  Different classes did different topics of projects, but the general focus for the upper elementary work share was history.  

The purpose of this workshare was to share with the rest of the community history about a lot of things. Such as identity, vikings, herbs and tea, video games, and a lot more!  Many of the workshare projects were organized by trifolds. They weren’t all trifolds though, in Blue Earth River there were posters with drawings and sculptures. In Crow Wing River there were trifolds and books. People even made tea and food to share.                 

The 6th years have a special project that they do each year. Instead of a history project, the 6th graders in Shingobee River and Crow Wing River did an Imaginary Island project. Imaginary Island is a geography project that puts together a lot of the learning that 6th years have done in elementary.  They had their projects displayed in Clear Lake River Classroom. They also made clay models of their Islands, which took a lot of concentration and time.

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Now we’re going to talk about the workshare in Crow Wing because we’re in that classroom. Our history project was focused on our own Identity and Culture background. There were many genre options for works, such as who I am essay, culture essay and fundamental human needs charts, to just name a few. Everyone enjoyed the final presentation, but the project took 2 months and sometimes was stressful to tackle something so large, but it all paid off. Our class had many visitors and we think that they enjoyed it. There were many different styles of the way people made their books and posters.