Charter Stars Athletics Registration Forms


For the 2014/15 school year, the Activity Fee for most of our athletic offerings is $150. Registration forms and Activity Fees for our Charter Stars athletic programs must be completed and paid prior to practicing or trying out for a team. They can be turned in to the GRS office in person or through the mail. Once the season has started, a student athlete must wait 24 hours after completing registration before he or she can begin participation. After the first week of the season, tryouts will be completed and registration will be closed for all our athletic offerings.

Athletes must complete the MSHSL Eligibility Form annually. A Sports Qualifying Physical Examination Form must be completed every 3 years and will be kept on file. The Annual Sports Health Questionnaire is required if the Sports Physical is dated more than 3 months prior to the beginning of the season.

To complete registration, you must fill out and return the following forms and payments:

  1. 2014/2015 Registration Form
  2. Emergency Contact Information
  3. 2014/2015 MSHSL Eligibility Form (complete and sign pages 1 and 7)
  4. 2014/2015 Sports Qualifying Physical Examination Clearance Form (required in Year 1, valid for 3 years)
  5. MSHSL Annual Sports Health Questionnaire (required in Years 2 and 3)
  6. Transportation Waiver
  7. Activity Fee - $150 payable to GRS for Coed Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball, Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, Cheerleading, and Ultimate Frisbee; $200 payable to SPA for MS or HS Football; or $450 payable to SPA for JV Boys’ Hockey.
  8. Uniform Deposit - $45 payable to GRS. This deposit is only required for Charter Stars sports; athletic teams hosted by other schools may require their own deposit. Your uncashed check will be returned to you once your student has turned in their jersey/uniform at the end of the season and in good condition. Uniforms must be turned in within one week after the end of the season to receive your refund.

Transportation Waiver for Away Games

We encourage all our student-athletes to ride the athletics bus when it is provided for away games to encourage team building and protects their safety. If an athlete would like to request that they not ride the bus for a certain athletic event, a Transportation Waiver must be on file at the athlete’s attendance school. Transportation Waivers will be approved for an entire season. The Transportation Waiver should include the names of all potential drivers for that season; an athlete will not be released to a driver that is not listed on the Waiver. When a waiver is on file, the athlete can ride to bus to and from games or receive rides from approved drivers; a waiver does not prevent the athlete from riding the bus when they choose.

An athlete that does not have a completed and signed Transportation Waiver on file may not get to or from an athletic event on their own when an athletics bus is provided; to participate in that event, the athlete must ride the bus both ways.

A2 & A3 Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate Medical Authorization
Ultimate Membership and Waiver Form

Also, students must

1)  Create and pay ($30) for a membership in the USA Ultimate League at
2)  Fill out Membership and Waiver form at:

For more information about the Minnesota State High School League, please go to their website.