Great River School's policy is to transport students to and from school in a safe and economical matter. 

There are two forms of transportation available to students residing 2 or more miles from the school: School Bus for elementary students and Metro Transit for adolescent students. 

School Bus (Elementary)

You can use this map to locate the stop that works best for your family. Once you have determined the stop you want to use, fill out this Bus Commitment Form. Please do not send your student on the bus until you hear back from the school!

Metro Transit (Adolescent)

For adolescent students living more than 2 miles from Great River School, the school funds Metro Transit cards to provide transportation to and from school. There are two card options for eligible students: Student Passes and 10-Ride Cards.

  • Student Passes: A Student Pass is a durable, plastic pre-paid fare card that allows for unlimited rides on city buses and light rail to and from school instead of riding the traditional yellow school bus. The cards can be used after school hours for other student activities.

  • Go-To lite Card (10-Rides): A Go-To lite Card works like a Go-To Card except it is disposable. Touch the card to a reader on a bus or at a light-rail station and it automatically deducts one ride. Transfers are embedded on the card. Go-To lite Cards with 10 rides are not valid on express buses during rush hours or Northstar for any portion of the fare.

General Eligibility Requirements for both Student Pass and 10-Ride:

  • Grades 7 - 12 (or have an older sibling in those grades that they will ride Metro Transit with)

  • Must live at least 2 miles from school

Additional Eligibility Requirements for Student Pass

  • Must use at least twice a day four days a week (8 times a week)

  • Must read and sign the Metro Transit Code of Conduct


To receive a Metro Transit Card from Great River School, a student must complete the Metro Transit Application.  The school will process each application to verify eligibility before a student is issued a Metro Transit Card. 


  • Student Pass: Should a student lose their Student Pass, they should notify the front office immediately so that the card can be deactivated. The student may receive a replacement Student Pass if they pay a $10 replacement fee.

  • 10-Ride Card: Fully used 10-Ride Cards may be returned to the front office to receive a replacement. Students will not receive a replacement of a 10-Ride Card without returning a used card. In the case of a lost 10-Ride Card, a student may purchase a new card for $15. Subsequent cards will continue to be at no cost as long as the student returns a used card.

Questions about transportation options? Contact Director of Administration Stacey Kreger at