Lower Adolescent (7-9) Family Resources


Our lower adolescent curriculum stresses self-determination, key experiences, executive functioning, and academic self-discipline. Students pursue core classes in math, language arts, science, and social studies in the morning, while afternoons are used for building executive function and study skills and a rotating slate of occupations classes.

For general questions about the lower adolescent program, contact Tami Limberg, Lower Adolescent Program Director, at tlimberg@greatriverschool.org. 

Lower Adolescent F.A.Q.

Q. What are the school day hours? How does attendance work?
School begins at 8:30am and is released at 3:10pm. If students arrive late at school before 8:45am, they will be marked tardy. Arrivals after 8:45am count as an absence for the class period and require a late pass from the office. If the office hasn't heard by 9am to expect your student's absence , all listed parents in Powerschool will receive an automated attendance call. To report an absent or late student, call 651-305-2780 or email attendance@greatriverschool.org. 

Q. What are key experiences? What key experiences will my student go on?
A. Key experiences are a *key* part of the Great River experience! All students, 4th grade and up, go on overnight camping trips with their peers and teachers. These trips are level-specific and frequently, the students' highlight of the year. Your 7th & 8th grade student will embark on the Odyssey, a 10 day trip switching annually between the sand dunes of the Badlands and the watery shores of Lake Michigan. Your 9th grade student will have the opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture at Philadelphia Community Farm. Packing lists can be found in the "Quick Links" section at the top of this page. 

Q. How can I get more involved with the school and meet other GRS families?
A. Our Parent Engagement Group was made just for that! Your lower adolescent PEG ambassadors are Heather Thomas, Etta Dreher, and Rhona Wilson. Ambassadors can be reached at peg@greatriverschool.org.


Q. How do I stay up-to-date with Great River news?
A. We send out a monthly school-wide newsletter (usually on the first Monday of the month), occasional lower adolescent-specific communications via email, and urgent communications via text message and phone calls.  In order to effectively communication with you, we need your current contact information! Here's a video showing you how to update your contact information in Powerschool.

Q. I have a question and I don't know who to contact. Help!
A. Check out this "Who-To-Call" chart  or email office@greatriverschool.org. We'll try our best to help you!

Q. Do you offer school meals?
We sure do! In our recent construction, we built a brand-spanking-new commercial kitchen and are excited to offer nutritious, locally-sourced, hot meals, starting Fall 2018. We are also starting our brand new coffee shop —- feel free to come eat, drink, & enjoy!” For more information on our lunch program and how to order food, click here!

Q. How do I check my student's grades, attendance, and progress?
A. Great River uses Powerschool software to track students' grades and attendance. You can click here for a video on gaining Powerschool access.

Q. Do you provide transportation for students?
A. Yes! Beginning in 7th grade, Great River provides 10-ride Metro Transit passes for students at no cost. When the passes are empty, students may turn them in at the front office and receive a new pass. Unlimited passes are given out on a case-by-case basis. To read more about transportation, click here.

Q. How can I contact my student's guides?
A. Email is our preferred mode of communication (click here for the staff directory). Guides do not have classroom phones and typically cannot be reached during the day. If you have an immediate need, contact the Front Office at office@greatriverschool.org or 651-305-2780.