A3 Students Participate in Macalester International Roundtable

This past week, A3 students attended the annual Macalester College roundtable. The Macalester Roundtable's theme this year was centered around "Empathy and Its Discontents." Great River students had the chance to attend a multitude of Macalester student-led workshops and campus-wide activities that were designed to engage audiences in discussions in the concept of empathy.

Every October since 1994, Macalester’s International Roundtable has brought diverse communities together to dialogue around a single theme. It’s a community-wide and globally-focused forum exploring critical issues from a variety of perspectives. Highlights from the event included a talk from renowned author and speaker, Aminatta Forna, who spoke about empathy in storytelling. In addition, students had the opportunity to tour Macalester College, and think about pursuing a college education within the Twin Cities. The Roundtable was an incredible experience that really added context to the studies of empathy that A3 students are engaging in at Great River. This truly was an incredible experience that A3 students surely won't want to miss next year. 

-Great River Gazette