Update from Tami on J-Term

A1 students Annika and Shannon read through their scripts in the first week of rehearsals for Hairspray Jr. 

A1 students Annika and Shannon read through their scripts in the first week of rehearsals for Hairspray Jr. 

J Term is here! 

Each January, our Lower Adolescent program adjusts their focus and schedule in order to put on a theatrical production. This year two shows will be presented: Shakespeare's MacBeth, and the musical Hairspray. By Mid-January we will be sending out a link for purchasing  tickets online. The J-Term performances will take place this season at the Wellstone Theater January 25th-27th. 

Below is an email about the significance of J-Term, written by Tami Limberg, A1 program coordinator. 


Many of you know already, but most of what i do in my work and home life stems from the hope of a more peaceful society.  MacBeth and Hairspray depict major issues on the minds of our adolescents and give the students a chance to understand more about the background of these plays and the ability to see things from multiple perspectives.  

  Adolescence is the beginning of the third plane of development - a time of rapid development and an emergence of the adolescent beginning to understand and try on roles of who they are in society.   During this time, what better way for students to start forming their view of themselves and others than through dramatic work, creative experience, and cooperative building.  This is such beautiful work.

  Hairspray and MacBeth tackle big issues that many students are going through - I'm so excited to be a part of their expression of these plays.  We do this work to challenge the students - it's called a Key Experience because it will push all the students in one way or another.  This is really heavy content and work for the students- sleep and stability will go a long way and Julie Kesti's humanities curriculum will help the students grapple with these concepts and feelings but so will conversations with the people they trust the most.

Rehearsals will begin on Wednesday.  Students in the cast of MacBeth will report to the art room and the cast of Hairspray will report to the Dining Hall at 8:30am sharp where they will receive an orientation to their schedule for the month.  


Students should bring their binders, pens and pencils, and planners everyday - humanities and math classes will take place everyday but Wednesday and students will be writing down reminders for their play/musical too.  Winter gear is also essential - they still go outside during Jterm for recess if the weather is safe.  In the event of extreme cold, students will stay inside so bringing card games, books, travel sized games, drawing materials, etc is encouraged (but should be stowed in lockers until recess).

A reminder that we have many slots open for volunteers - it's a way to be engaged in the process of J-term and help shoulder the work load.  Sign up here (a huge thank you to PEG for setting this up).  There are many slots to come in during the day and help for an hour or two with sewing, dancing, or building - you don't need to have expertise just a willingness to help.  There are also slots during the week at the Wellstone and opportunities to support the potluck on Thursday January 25th.  I encourage all families to support and help as they are able.

And, as always, please let me know if you have concerns, need support, or are sending accolades...always here for you.