Bike Trip

Our incredible 102 A1 students biked 121 miles over 4 days! They made it up every hill, camped every night, and came back older & wiser. 

From Tami Limberg, program coordinator: 

"We defs couldn’t thank all the volunteers and family members that made the homecoming today so fun! Thank you to our whole community for picking students up at Brackett Park, taking things home to wash, unloading the Uhaul at school, taking vehicles back, handing out popsicles, making signs, clapping!!!!!! We do this work as a way to build community in a real way - we couldn’t get up all those hills, through the rain, and the hard times without each other. We also had so much fun - playing, singing, cooking, joking, biking. That feeling when the endorphins kick in and you feel like you’re just flying on the bike - with a student that you can see a difference in, growth in, the future- that’s magic. Thank you for all your support."