Last Day of School Ceremony

The last day of school ceremony at Great River School is a time when we gather as a whole community of students and recognize the passing of a year. Below is a transcript of the ceremony:

“As we face north, our youngest students stand in the very front line. we place our hands upon the shoulders of those in front of us. 

Those in the very front of the line – the youngest among us – have pioneered for another first year at Great River school. As the youngest students  they have bravely found their way here and as members of the community. 

Their pioneering spirit  has reminded us of where we have been and our responsibility to care for those younger – those who follow us in this place.

We now take a deep breath close your eyes and exhale gratitude and thank you to those younger.

As we turn now to the south  we will face the shoulders and backs of those older than us. Standing with no one in front of them are the oldest student among us – the seniors who will graduate. 

We now place our hands on the shoulders of those in front of us -extending a bridge of support from younger to older up until the 12th year, where the seniors look out upon an undefined path forward. 

This next path where they will decide how they carry themselves in the world, with the full memory of where they have been and those who are now holding their shoulders and backs all the way down to the youngest students here at great River school. 

The oldest among us demonstrate how to be, will remind us how to learn from those who have gone before, and serve as an example that inspires us and leads us into a future. 

As we look to the support that was ahead of us, we thank them  for their bravery, for treading a path that we may follow, and for creating trails and a legacy that we may follow into. All that we inherit next year has been cared for by those who are now standing before us. 

We close our eyes now and inhale, saying thank you we exhale a breath of gratitude to those who are older as they depart for their next year.

In graceful courtesy we turn to those next to us and around us, wishing each other well for the coming summer.”