Second Semester Elementary Observation

Hello Elementary Families,

Next week we will be opening our classrooms for parent observation. Please sign up for a time to come and observe!  Observations will be for 30 minutes unless otherwise arranged.  If you are not able to observe during scheduled times, please reach out to set up an alternate time.  Scheduling ahead of time helps us maintain the learning environment and limit the number of observers at any one time.  Each spot is for one adult -- please do not bring anyone else with you to observe.  

When you come for an observation, please sign in at the main office, located on the north side of the school on Energy Park Drive.  You will be greeted and shown to your classroom and the observation chair.  Please review the list of general guidelines and read about some specific items to look for in a classroom before you arrive. Teachers are not available during your observation to answer questions. If you have any questions about our curriculum or your observations, please reach out to me or your child’s classroom guide - we love to talk Montessori! 

The children are aware that parents will come and go without disturbing their daily routines. If you are the parent of a child in the classroom, you may or may not observe a normal day of activity for your child. It is difficult for some children to manage their emotional attachment to you and sustain their independence in the classroom simultaneously.  It is helpful with younger children to talk about how you are coming to observe and that you will leave and they will carry on with their regular day.  

Students might approach you and introduce themselves or offer you a refreshment.  Feel free to say hello and let them know you are here to see their work.  It is appropriate to accept or decline any offer of refreshment.

Distractions can disrupt the natural rhythm and flow of children’s work, so we ask you to review and observe the following guidelines:

  • Please turn off your cell phone!

  • You will be shown to an observer’s chair.  Please stay seated in the observer’s chair for the duration of your observation. 

  • Children may come up to you.  Please do not try to engage them in conversation.  A polite “hello” and a direct response to who you are is sufficient (“I am a parent observing your work!”). Montessori children realize and understand that observers come to watch them work.  If they approach, let them know that you are here to watch them do their work.  You can ask them to return to their work. 

  • Avoid distracting the teacher or assistant. 

Thank you and please reach out with any questions!

Derek Damon
Elementary Program Assistant