Join us in supporting the mission and vision of Great River

Dearest Community,

Great River cares about creating the best environment for a whole student to thrive. 

You are committed to choosing and supporting the best environment for your child. 

I invite you to recognize the ways your child has grown as a result of the community and opportunity at Great River and support what you value.  Great River School thrives because of your financial support. We are ambitious about providing the highest quality learning environment and opportunity, and an authentic alternative to traditional public institutions. We utilize our funds to exceed expectations of what a public Montessori education can mean - for materials, for student well-being, for travel and experience, and for a future that includes a strong Great River Montessori model for education.

Please take this traditional holiday season of gratitude and gift giving, and extend the opportunity to support your student to everyone who cares about their unique opportunities. Ask extended family and friends to support the school as on behalf of your student. We are an ambitious school with an ambitious mission to offer an alternative to the traditional school institution. 
Join us in the kickoff for our 2014-15 annual fund. You will hear from me once a week for the next six weeks describing how Great River School achieves excellence, and how supporting Great River will build on our strengths. Join us in our aspirations, join us in supporting our mission!