G i v i n g

Last week, we mailed out a letter with a postcard for you - our dear families. We are an institution that cares for people.You are the network that makes this school possible. We need your support to care for our whole community!

When we speak of our generous community, we recognize that we are a public school and we provide our programs of travel, attention, and nurturing care to all students - without obligation. It is our generous community that allows us to engage in programs that any public or private institution would boast. Financial support makes these programs possible for all students. If you can give, thank you for giving generously. If financial support is not in your family budget right now, we thank you for sending post cards to the 5 friends and family that love your student. Each one of those friends giving $30 helps us to our goal. Your participation, and recruiting those who care for your students, is key to our success! 

Our annual fund allows us to provide the kind of engaging and amazing travel for key experiences, and low student to teacher ratios that build the foundation of our community. 

Meeting and exceeding our goal this year will allow us to dream big for the future - to plan for improvements for facilities for learning and play, physical active spaces for elementary, technology, travel and real world engagement for adolescent students. 

Great River is thankful for all the support we receive. You - the generous community - make the travel, attention, and extra care of our program possible. Thanks for sharing the story of our success with your network, and strengthening the foundation of our community.