10th Grade Bdote Trip Reflection

written by Ellie Vanderhaar, class of 2021

The Bdote trip was the key experience that the 10th graders had, camping at Fort Snelling State Park for four nights to study about Dakota culture and history. The students researched a few of the historic places known to the Dakota people called Mni Owe Sni, Wakan Tipi, Oheyawahi or Pilot Knob, and Mounds Park. Unfortunately, due to the gloomy and wet weather, only a few of the places named were able to be visited in the short amount of time. Despite not visiting most of the places planned, the students were assigned a packet of homework to complete based off of their reflections from the places they did visit. Although the trip was new for everyone who went through it, most of the students and guides appeared to have a great experience from it, and in conclusion, the trip will be a good key experience for the 10th graders in future years.