Heron's Nest Cafe Update!

The Heron’s Nest cafe will have student-made baked goods in December. On December 20th, from 6:00 - 7:30, the Lower Adolescent Cafe Occupation will sell food and drinks at the Occupation Theatre night event. Parents, students, and any other visitors can stop in the Heron’s Nest cafe for treats and hot beverages. Occupation Night is similar to Odyssey Night, but the focus is on occupations. Students will be sharing info about the occupations they’re in and what they’re doing in them.

Watch for other additions coming soon. In particular, we will be adding Hot Chocolate for the winter season, and maybe some other types of drinks as well!

The cafe construction is coming along well. The walls have been painted, along with sinks and stoves, and other kitchen essentials have been installed. Although we do not know for sure when it will be producing hot lunch, we are thinking possibly after winter break. Stay tuned!